Build business/product that customer love.
Collect feedback or suggestion from people before/ after product launch. Not every prediction are perfect, be sure that you are building a product or business that suits your target audience.
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Why feedback are more important?
Running a business is a big task. Everyday customers mind and needs evolving rapidly. To tackle it you need to have more input and ideas from various minds. Collecting feedback on your existing or upcoming business will give you extra hands to improve.
Own prediction
Own prediction
Do not go with your own predictions, because the business that you are building is not only for you.
Team idea
Ignoring team ideas
Every team has various minds where you can collect ideas from many perspectives. Simply ignoring them may cause serious failure.
Unaware of launch
Only 8% of the products/ business are launching with the right moto. Most of them are failed due to a lack of awareness about what exactly their audience needs.
False review
Reviews on your mistake
Reviews are taken as feedback of your business that may ruin your business flow at any time. Try collecting feedback from your customers before receiving reviews on your mistake.
Do more with enquiry
Of course, you can able to receive enquiries from users. Brandelp is a simple and cool tool to manage all your direct enquiries to increase sales.
Enquiry promo
Pick the leads is an app to help users to post an enquiry to get a proper answer or solution. All questions will be sent to the respective solution provider and their friends. Using this feature, solution providers can support users to get more business.
Direct enquiry
Direct Enquiry
While asking questions in the zapidly app, the user can send a direct enquiry by mentioning user name (@username). Mentioned questions will be converted as a direct query to your company.
Private chat
Private chat
Every enquiry questions will have an option called "Connect", to initiate private chat to respective users to support in private. Direct enquiries will have this option by default.
User to customer
User to customer
After many conversations and negotiation using multiple private chat user can decide to get support from the right company. Private support is the best way to convert a user to the customer.
Is something you need to suggest us to build?
The idea behind the Brandelp is to help any business to run their own way without any issues. Your feedback are more valuable to us. Keep posting feedback to help us to build the right product for you.
Brandelp becomes the favourite software for 50+ companies now.
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Don't worry Brandelp and its features are completely free untill April 30, 2019.
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