Why most business or products are fails in the market?
A Gayathri
A successful entrepreneur is a dream for most of us but sustaining in that place is a difficult job. According to research 7 out of 10 business closes within the first 2 years. This is because not all business owners are 100% entrepreneurs. To start a business, entrepreneurship skills are needed which most of us don't have while starting the business. We think that to start a business an idea, time and money are enough;  actually, the truth is before even start building a product complete research is needed.

Most of the business build what they think is best for their target customer and market it. At first, they get good sales but later their sales drops and the product fails in the market. This is because of ignoring certain facts before building a product. Facts like what is the product, target audience, needs & pains of customers, competition, manage expenses, clear vision should be taken into account. Complete market research and customer feedback/suggestion are required before launching a product.

The clear vision before launching a product is important. Also keeping in mind what is best for customers is essential for business. To create a successful business, one has to learn more about customers pain and need for a solution. It creates a strong base for a profitable business. Companies which analyse and understands customer problem will only deliver a proper solution.

Brandelp has the best solution to overcome all these problems. Brandelp which act as a digital suggestion box helps to collect suggestions from real-time active customers. These suggestions helps business to shape up their product before launching. The product which is tailored for customers need is preferred by everyone. Suggestions/Feedback collected from customer service can categorize & assigned as a task to the appropriate team. Workflow of the assigned task is monitored through a simple task management system and status about the task is updated to the customer who posted the suggestion. Enquiries and Reviews can also be handled the way same as suggestions handled.

For reviews, it is best to take action against negative reviews and let the customer know about the steps you have taken to resolve the problem, which results in better rating & increase in brand awareness.

For enquiries, companies can get a lot of leads through zapidly's enquiry list. The first part in closing a sales is obtaining leads which are done by brandelp; all you have to do is converting it into sales. These leads can also be assigned as a task to sales teams to close the deal. If you don't want to go through all the general enquiry list, you can also set keywords to get particular enquiries based on your business.

Business fails when it ignores customer needs and suggestions. 
Brandelp is a place for business to shine and rise by doing a correct thing which is hearing customers voice.
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