We never stop to excite you.
Every day is a new day to add some new features, few of our upcoming features listed below.
Announce your latest update and news to your customer. Also, communicate with your team with private sections.
The box is the coolest way to categorize feedback.
Private box
Private Box
Hide the unique and important feedback from common users by making the box as private.
Collecting reviews alone are not quite enough, ask your customers to write feedback directly.
Suggestion task
Feedback to task
Feedback can be managed as a task, assign it to your team member and get going.
Tag enquiry
Tag enquiry
Tag the enquiry for your reference, and keep them categorized and never missed.
Enquiry task
Enquiry to task
Enquiry question is your leads, manage them and support the users with the right person.
Set status
Set status
Set your own status for feedback to get notified to the users.
Custom alert
Customized alert
Set a customized alert for commonly posted enquiries to pick the right leads.
Custom domain
Custom domain
Integrate brandelp page with your own domain, something like https://feedback.yourdomain.com.
Fully customizable account, Even section and theme can be easily changed according to your view.
Got an Idea?
Is there anything we missed, feel free to feedback us. We will build it for you. Write here
Not enough?
The idea behind the Brandelp is to help any business to run their own way without any issues. Your feedback are more valuable to us. Keep posting feedback to help us to build the right product for you.
Don't worry Brandelp and its features are completely free untill April 30, 2019.